Send exceptions to datadog.

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exceptions in datadog event stream

Are you tired of looking at metrics in datadog and then switching over to another website to track your applications exceptions?
errorShip is a python library that sends exceptions/errors generated by your application to your datadog account.
The exceptions together with their stacktraces are then rendered beatifully with proper syntax highlighting preserved. You can search for exceptions in datadog using the tags that you had set or via full text search.
It's like sentry, bugsnag, rollbar etc; except implemented in your own datadog account.

Using errorShip is simple;

import errorship

        # this tags will be added to the errors/exceptions
        # that are sent to datadog
        "env": "production",
        "project": "accounting",
        "deployment_version": "v12.56"
For more information on installation and usage, see the documentation page

Try errorShip today, no credit card required.
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It is simple to install and use; You do not have to change your application at all.
No context switching.
Seamlessly switch from your logs, metrics, and exceptions all in the same place. errorShip makes debugging your applications much much easier.
No changes in your datadog pricing.
errorShip sends exceptions to the datadog eventstream which incurs NO additional cost in datadog.
It seamlessly integrates with all your other libraries. It works with django, flask, celery, gunicorn etc.
errorShip is compatible with both python2 and python3.
Syntax highlighting.
All the exceptions and their stacktraces will be shown in datadog with proper syntax highlighting.
High performance.
errorShip has a very minimal performance overhead. It's overhead is similar to the overhead you would have when sending metrics to datadog via the datadog agent.
We do not transmit any of your application errors, exceptions or source code to our servers.
The errors are instead sent to your own datadog agent and onward to datadog. Read our privacy & security document for more information.
Never miss an error.
errorShip captures all exceptions, even the ones that you forgot to catch in your code. Even the ones that you forgot to log. No error slips past errorship.
Error tracking.
You can now use datadog as an error tracker. Identify bugs in your application before users do. Be able to correlate bugs, metrics, logs, traces all under one roof.


You can direct any queries/feedback to: support@errorship.com