Send exceptions to datadog.

exceptions in datadog event stream

Are you tired of looking at metrics in datadog and then switching over to another website to track your applications exceptions?

errorShip is a python library that sends exceptions/errors generated by your application to your datadog account.

Using it is simple;

import logging
import errorship

handler = errorship.DatadogHandler(
            "env": "production",
            "myTag": "someValue"


Features include;
  - Simple to install and use: You do not have to change your application at all.
  - No context switching: Jump from your logs, to your metrics and now to your exceptions all in the same place. errorShip makes debugging your applications all that much easier.
  - No changes in your datadog pricing. errorShip sends exceptions to the datadog eventstream which has no addition pricing.
  - Integrates with all your other libraries. It works with django, flask, celery, gunicorn etc.
  - Simple pricing: simple per monthly pricing.
  - And much more.

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You can direct any queries/feedback to: support@errorship.com